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Tennis - MS CoEd


Middle School teams are more developmental in nature and playing on a team offers not only a chance to enjoy the sport, but also a valuable participatory experience for each athlete. This applies to all team members from standouts to substitutes who play a supporting role. In keeping with the Thayer philosophy that athletics are an integral part of a student’s curriculum, students should plan their participation with the help of their advisors – this discussion will help everyone gain a better understanding of each child’s overall school program. All Middle School participants are expected to receive fairly equal playing time over the course of the entire season. All team information is available via


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# Name Position Class Hometown
Benjamin Baker 2024 Dorchester, MA
Maxine Baker 2024 Dorchester, MA
Ella Barry 2024 Abington, MA
Liam Beagan 2024 Scituate, MA
Benjamin Chaskes 2022 Pembroke, MA
Stella Chiari 2022 Braintree, MA
Kelly Costello 2024 Norwell, MA
William Counselman III 2022 Hingham, MA
Brynn Crozier 2024 Raynham, MA
Ava Deibel 2023 Dorchester, MA
Peter Fleck 2023 Boston, MA
Erin Fleming 2024 Hanover, MA
Ryker Gibson 2022 Bridgewater, MA
Abigail Golden 2022 Weymouth, MA
Hannah Gondelman 2024 Milton, MA
Zachary Gondelman 2022 Milton, MA
Merritt Grillo 2024 Plymouth, MA
Aysa Haggerty 2024 Canton, MA
Jayden Haggerty 2022 Canton, MA
Clare Hayes 2024 Scituate, MA
Jordana Hersh 2022 Canton, MA
Chase Lukowski 2024 Walpole, MA
Niamh Mannion 2024 Milton, MA
Alyson Mantville 2024 Milton, MA
Ella McGillivray 2023 Milton, MA
Ted Messerle 2022 Hingham, MA
Omar Naanaa 2024 Milton, MA
Austin Ngo 2023 Holbrook, MA
Ava O'Brien 2023 Dorchester, MA
Chloe Pevarnek 2024 Hanover, MA
Gavin Pevarnek 2022 Hanover, MA
Julia Pickel 2022 Plymouth, MA
Teagan Rich 2022 Plymouth, MA
Caleb Schuler 2022 Braintree, MA
Oliver Seed 2024 Westwood, MA
Katelyn Sentnor 2024 Hanson, MA
Jack Shepherd 2024 Marshfield, MA
Sadie Smith 2024 Needham, MA
Arjun Sohur 2022 Milton, MA
Addison St. Jean 2023 Duxbury, MA
Henry Stepanyants 2023 Hingham, MA
George Ubertalli 2022 Hanover, MA
Kevin Want 2022 Abington, MA

Coach Info

  • Jon Butler
  • Mike Davis
  • Natalie Young
    Natalie Young teaches science and math at the middle school.  For the past six years she has taught 7th grade and 8th grade science and 8th grade math in a part time capacity.  This year, she will be teaching full time, with two sections of 8th grade Anatomy & Physiology and two sections of 8th grade Introduction to Algebra.  Natalie did her undergraduate studies in Zoology at UMASS/Amherst while also earning a secondary education teaching license.  She earned a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education from Salem State College.  Natalie taught high school Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math at several public high schools before taking time off to have her two children.  During her sabbatical from the classroom, Natalie continued her role as an educator as a private tutor and stayed current with teaching practices with various online courses and professional development opportunities. Along with her teaching responsibilities, Natalie also leads the Robotics activity at the middle school as well as the middle school tennis activity in the spring.