Students work in the art studio in Frothingham Hall

Upper School Arts


At the Upper School, students pursue their artistic ambitions along with their athletic and academic goals.

Our students do not have to choose between their artistic and athletic interests; they are free to pursue both at the same time. A dozen different arts courses comprise an integral part of the overall curriculum, and meet during the school day. This often requires customizing individual schedules so students who are taking AP or advanced level classes can also play in a jazz combo, develop their photography skills, or study the fundamentals of architecture. Rehearsals for extra-curricular theater productions are also purposely scheduled at specific times after school to eliminate conflicts with athletic practices, helping students balance their artistic interests with their academic and athletic pursuits. 


Students must earn one full credit in the arts. However, most students take advantage of the department’s wide range of electives by studying music, fine arts, dance, or theater at advanced levels.

Grade 9 Arts

Performing Arts Electives

Visual Arts & New Media Electives

Theater Productions

Fall Musical

The Fall Musical is an inclusive, highly engaging production with students creating a strong and cohesive theater spectacular while strengthening skills and forging strong social connections across all grade levels. Emphasis is always placed on the experience of the ensemble, and it is an ideal opportunity for anyone who would like to participate in a main-stage production. Rehearsals are scheduled around all of Thayer’s team sports, so students are able to play a fall sport and participate in the musical. With outstanding production values, and casts and crews that sometimes reach 100, the fall musical is one of the most popular programs at Thayer. Recent fall productions include Newsies, Mamma Mia!, and The Prom.

Winter Play

The Winter Play is a theatrical experience for students at Thayer who wish to strengthen their acting and performance skills in a more intimate ensemble setting. With a mixture of comedy, drama, classic and original plays, students have an opportunity to delve deeply into text and meaningfully connect with one another in performance. Recent productions include Into the Woods and Clue.

Spring Musical

The spring musical is for those students who wish to study both classic and contemporary musical theater in an intense, highly concentrated workshop experience. Enrollment priority is given to juniors and seniors, and those students with a serious desire to pursue musical theater at a pre-professional level. This production features a small ensemble (around 30 members) and may include works by Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Kander and Ebb, and other acclaimed writers and artists.