Thayer Art Gallery

Located in the lower level of Thayer’s Southworth Library, the Art Gallery has been showcasing the work of students, faculty, and professional artists for over 40 years. Renovated in 2011, the Gallery is a beautiful, bright, and open 1200-squarefoot space.

Thayer Gallery Hours:
Mon - Fri | 8 am - 3 pm (when school is in session)

If you are interested in displaying your work, or if you have any questions about the Gallery, please contact Gallery Director Karen Koskores: / 781.843.3580)

Every year, Thayer Gallery exhibits some of the finest artwork in the local area, including work by Thayer students and faculty. We have a wonderful mix of media and styles each year, which serves to expand the minds and enrich the creative perspectives of all who visit. Upper School students enrolled in visual arts courses have the good fortune of meeting with most of the artists who display their work, and often, they take part in workshops prepared expressly for our students.Gallery Director Karen Koskores P '10, '13

Thayer Gallery Exhibits for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

September 11 to October 5: WILLIAM ROSS SEARLE P '85, '87 & TED POLOMIS '80
Reception: Thursday, September 14 | 5-7pm

William Ross Searle’s paintings are included in hundreds of collections across the United States and Europe, including the Cahoon Museum Of American Art; West Point Museum (USMA); King Museum Atlanta; New England Museum of Sports; Cape Cod Museum Of Art; Heritage Museums & Gardens; Martha’s Vineyard Museum; Emhart Corporation; Conoco Phillips; Lloyd’s of London; and many others. He is listed in “Who’s Who In America,” “Who’s Who In American Art,” and “Who’s Who In American Education.”

William earned his B.F.A. degree in painting and drawing from Massachusetts College of Art and his M.F.A. degree from Rhode Island School of Design. He was an art teacher at Thayer Academy for 36 years.

Ted Polomis is a realist still life painter working exclusively in oils. Fully engaged with his compositions, his subjects range from nostalgic to classic and contemporary.

Polomis creates paintings with a sophisticated sense of balance and depth. He is captivated by the interplay between objects and their environment, and the quiet harmony that results between form, color, light, and shadow. “I prefer simple balanced setups that highlight my subjects while, at the same time, creating a meditative and calming scene.”

A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Polomis was elected to the European Honors Program in Rome, Italy, where he spent his junior year. Visiting museums and collections throughout Italy, and thirteen other countries as well, he studied the works of the Great Masters who continue to influence his work today. Polomis’s works have received numerous awards, and have been featured in many publications including American Art Collector, International Artist, and The Artist’s Magazine.

Ted Polomis was first introduced to oil painting as a student at Thayer Academy by his friend and teacher, William Ross Searle.

A painting of a house and gateMotorbike

October 10 to November 8: NOT YOUR AVERAGE QUILT

A quilt

A quilt

Reception: Thursday, Oct 19 | 6-8pm

The show “Not Your Average Quilt” will highlight exemplary quilts created by select members of the Herring Run Quilter’s Guild, whose membership of 150 quilters include those with skill levels from beginner to expert. Since so many of the members are prolific sewers, they have won numerous awards at local and national shows in addition to running thriving businesses on the South Shore that specialize in quilting. The techniques used to create quilts range from the traditional hand quilting to highly advanced technology that provides intricate stitching capabilities.

The Guild’s goal is simple - to provide an atmosphere which nurtures us as quilt makers, and to promote the knowledge and interest of quilt making.

Comfort Quilts
The making of comfort quilts has been an integral part of the Herring Run Quilters’ Guild, Inc. throughout the years. Our members feel strongly that two of the main goals of our organization are to work together and to give back to the community. Through comfort quilts we bring joy, happiness and comfort to those who sew the pieces together and those who receive the finished project in a beautiful quilt. We have given comfort quilts to those individuals who have lost loved ones, local women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, VA hospitals and other charities. Guild members donate materials and time to design, sew, and deliver quilts to those in need.

November 13 to December 14: JOHN JUDGE
Reception: Thursday, November 16 | 5-7:30pm

My main goal is to create work that is visually engaging and thought-provoking. I hope the formal features of my work draw viewers in and hold their attention long enough to contemplate the thematic content. I often aim for an ambiguity that invites multiple interpretations and thereby avoids a didactic tone. I inject humor in most of my paintings and drawings to avoid heavy-handedness.

My art-making process begins with photographs (often my own) that I combine and manipulate on my computer using Photoshop. I then transfer these digital creations onto paper or panel by hand. Determining the composition of a drawing or painting on the computer allows me to focus on the treatment of line, color, and visual texture to provide thematic emphasis and to make the work visually compelling.

An art work by John Judge
January 8 to February 2: THAYER ART FACULTY
Reception: Rescheduled, date and time TBD

A multimedia exhibition showcasing the various creative talents of Thayer Academy’s art department members. This show is a beautiful compilation of paintings, photography, pottery, and unique mixed media creations.

Pottery shown by Steven Branfman P '00, '02

February 6 to March 8: LISA FLORYSHAK
Pottery Workshop: Tuesday, February 6 | 8am-1:30pm

Every so often something happens in your life that is completely unexpected. In my case it was the abrupt break up of a 28-year marriage; he was gone, still alive, but gone. Despite having four children who were also grieving this betrayal of family, I felt so alone in my own devastation. I picked myself up and moved to Arkansas. This work is about the journey through that grief.

The landscape is so very different here. I had always been taught that the colors of pottery preferences change at the Mississippi with the east being more blue and the west being more amber. This could be from the change in light and landscape. I have taken a photo of my commute every day this year. The land so flat that the sun appears to rise in 360. The colors are mostly ambers, purples and red, and a yellow green in the summer.

My work references that change in a painterly manner. It’s layered like an onion as a metaphor for healing with the text purposely having the quality of gibberish. “They say grief is like an onion, it has to be removed one layer at a time.”

Thayer's Main Building
Reception & Demo: Thursday, April 26 | 6-10pm

The Braintree Art Association has been participating in group exhibitions for over 40 years, with a membership of over 200 amateur and professional South Shore artists. This exhibition - an annual Thayer event for more than 30 years - represents a broad scope of subject matters and various media and techniques.

Opening Reception Thursday, May 10 | 3:30-5:30pm

An annual representative showing of artwork completed by students (grades 6-12) during the school year. Media and processes represented include painting, drawing, printmaking, pottery, photography, 3-D design, and architectural design.

Thayer Art Gallery