Class Agents

Serving as a Class Agent

Since opening its doors in 1877, Thayer Academy’s mission has been to inspire a diverse community of students so that each may rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good. The role of the Class Agent is vital to continuing to spread the good works and accomplishments of Thayer Academy alumni. Charged with keeping alumni of various generations and locations engaged with the Academy, Class Agents help to build pride and loyalty while encouraging their classmates to offer support to Thayer.

Class Agent responsibilities include:

  • Giving - Lead by example. Make your own gift early in the fiscal year commensurate with your ability to give.
  • Engaging – Use your voice and communication style to inspire classmates to be involved with Thayer activities and deepen their connection.
  • Educating – Work with both the Alumni House and Alumni Board to communicate with classmates about what is happening throughout the Thayer community and in the lives of Thayer alumni.
  • Asking – Strategize with the Alumni House staff to set goals and develop plans for maximizing philanthropic support. Promote giving by writing personal letters or emails, making phone calls and sending messages via social media to your fellow classmates.
  • Encouraging – Support campus and regional events by driving classmate attendance. Identify potential key volunteers or supporters in your class to help strengthen the Thayer alumni network.