Tuition & Financial Aid

2023-24 Middle School Tuition: $56,780
2023-24 Upper School Tuition: $59,390

Tuition includes all educational expenses, a hot lunch and morning snack, and participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics, arts, clubs, and organizations. It does not include transportation to and from school, books, or educational travel programs.

Financial Aid Program

Financial aid at Thayer Academy is entirely need-based: awards are made solely on the basis of a family's ability to pay. In 2023, Thayer Academy awarded $9 million in financial aid to 37% of our student body with the average grant totaling $36,447, allowing us to maintain a socioeconomically diverse student population that enriches the Thayer experience for all students. Thayer does not offer scholarships or merit awards for academic, artistic, or athletic ability.

Typically, more families apply for financial aid than the school can fund in the first round of admission decisions. In the event that funds become available later, some applicants on the waitlist might then become eligible for financial aid awards.