International Applicants

Thayer Academy is a co-educational day school for grades 5-12. Most of our students live within a 30- or 40-minute driving distance from our Braintree campus. Thayer admits students for fall matriculation only; students are not admitted at mid-year or in the spring. Thayer is a day school with no boarding facilities, and our preference is for international students to live with their parent(s) in the local area. If that is not possible, after a student has been accepted, Thayer’s Admissions staff will discuss helping the student find homestay arrangements.

The vibrant, highly selective international program at Thayer Academy provides a small group of international students with a unique cultural and educational experience in the Boston area.

The International Admissions Process, Step-By-Step

Here is a list of steps international students must complete when applying to Thayer Academy:
  1. Contact Vericant and schedule an interview:
  2. Vericant interviews must be completed by Friday, December 2, 2022.
  3. Approximately two weeks after receiving the Vericant interview materials, Thayer's admissions staff will contact applicants with a preliminary decision. Students who have been selected for a second interview can choose to interview via Skype or on the Thayer campus.
  4. The full application is due by January 15, 2023.
Documents required with your application:
  1. Student section and essay
  2. Parent section
  3. English evaluation (by a teacher)
  4. Math evaluation (by a teacher)
  5. School evaluation (including current grades and previous transcripts)
  6. Test scores (SSAT and TOEFL, both required)
  7. Completion of both the Vericant and Thayer interviews
  8. Special interest evaluation (optional)

FAQs: Questions Frequently Asked by International Students

Applicants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Seoul

Thayer Academy has a partnership with Vericant, an organization based in China that assists schools with a preliminary round of interviews. All applicants currently living and studying in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Seoul are required to complete a Vericant preliminary interview before scheduling an interview at Thayer Academy.

The Vericant interview consists of an in-person interview and a proctored writing sample. Vericant sends the filmed interview to Thayer Academy for the Admissions Office to review. After reviews, The Director of International Student Enrollment will contact all students directly (within two weeks of receiving) informing them if they have been selected to move forward with the application process.

Please note that the Vericant interview is a required step for all students currently living and studying in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Seoul.

The deadline for the Admissions Office to receive the Vericant submission is Friday, December 16, 2022. We would encourage you to complete this interview as early as possible, as submitted interviews will be reviewed as they are received prior to Friday, December 16, 2022. After that date, submissions will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

International student and his family at the International Tea