Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Thayer Academy! Following are some events and programs that will help answer any questions you have about life at Thayer.

Dear New Students,

We take great pride in the kinds of students and parents who are already here and are very pleased indeed to invite you to join the Thayer community.

Great care was taken during the admissions process to identify prospective students who could both contribute to our school life and benefit from the many opportunities Thayer provides. We recognize that your qualities and attributes set you apart from many other applicants, and that you would be an especially fine addition to a community that values aspiring and supportive young people.

As you already know, the Thayer experience is strengthened by the diverse array of students whose circumstances, backgrounds, talents, and aspirations enrich our culture. It is also a school culture that makes possible the broad and deep participation in a multitude of areas of our school life. You will be encouraged strongly to draw as much is possible from these opportunities to grow and to reach.

An equally vital ingredient of our school life is the importance of contributing to an environment where our students celebrate and support the achievements of their peers. We know that you will embrace this important role, even as you pursue your own passions and cultivate your own talents.

Each year, we are thankful so many students like you apply to Thayer; and each year our community is renewed and strengthened as you and others join in common purpose to learn and to contribute.

Welcome to Thayer.

Ted Koskores ’70 P ’10, ’13
Thayer Academy Head of School

Important Dates

Friday, April 10
Decision deadline for families

Monday, May 18
9th Grade Welcome Picnic, 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 30
Placement testing for new US students

August (date TBD)
International Student Tea

September 2-4
Camp Bournedale / Freshman Orientation

Tuesday, September 8
New 10th & 11th Grade student orientation (on campus 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

Thursday, September 3
Orientation for new MS students and parents (grades 5-8)

Wednesday, September 9
First day of school

Virtual Admissions Events

With the current closure of our campus, we've brought our Admissions events online! Click on the videos below to view recordings of the LIVE virtual student panels and classroom experiences which we've held so far this year.

Middle School Student Panel

MS Science Turtle Tracking Class

Upper School Student Panel

Explore some of Thayer's exciting offerings: