1. What’s the best way to learn more about Thayer?

2. When is the financial aid application deadline and how is financial aid awarded?

The deadline for filing the financial aid application is February 1. All financial aid awards are based on need, determined by the financial aid and tax forms you submit. Our financial aid committee determines how to distribute Thayer’s available funds among the families who apply. Approximately 35% of Thayer students receive financial aid each year, for an annual total of more than $8 million.

If you have further questions about financial aid, please contact business office associate Lee Smith at 781.664.2514 or lsmith@thayer.org.

3. How many openings are available in each incoming class?

5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th grades are our biggest entry years.

On average, we enroll:

  • 12-14 students in the 5th grade
  • 60 students in the 6th grade
  • 15-16 students in the 7th grade
  • 45 students in the 9th grade

We add a few 8th, 10th, and 11th grade students, depending on annual enrollment. We do not accept new students into the 12th grade.

4. Does Thayer offer transportation to school?

Many students ride to school with their parents, and students who have a driver’s license often drive themselves. In addition, there are two options for transportation to Thayer.

  1. Thayer Academy is located just two blocks from the MBTA Red Line T stop in Braintree. At regular intervals in the morning and afternoon, Thayer runs a shuttle between campus and the T stop.
  2. Round-trip bus service is also available from specific, centrally located points, for an additional charge.

Thayer Academy Bus Schedule

Thayer offers several bus routes, including a Boston route. The bus leaves from Thayer at 4:00pm unless otherwise indicated on the school calendar.

5. What is the typical number of students enrolled at Thayer and how many students are in each grade?

Although the precise number of students fluctuates each year, Thayer’s entire student body consists of about 700 students, with 200 in the Middle School and 500 in the Upper School.

In the Middle School, we aim to enroll a total of 12-14 students in the 5th grade, 60 students in the 6th grade and 75-80 in the 7th and 8th grades. In the Upper School, an average of 115-120 students are enrolled in each grade.

6. How can I visit Thayer with my family?

There are a few different ways to visit Thayer.

All Key Admissions Dates are listed here.

To view a campus map, directions, and accessibility information, click here

7. What is the deadline for submitting an application?

The application deadline is February 1. Candidates whose applications are completed by this date will receive an admission decision on March 9. Candidates whose applications are completed after the February 1 deadline will be considered on a rolling basis if places become available.

Note: Financial aid applications are due February 1.

8. What happens once my child is accepted?

  1. Tiger-for-a-Day and Tiger Visits: All accepted students are invited to spend a day on campus for a Tiger-for-a-Day event (for Middle School students) or a Tiger Visit (for Upper School students), which includes attending classes, having lunch in Cahall Dining Room, and staying for after-school programs.
  2. Welcome Programs for Accepted Students: We host information sessions, after acceptance packets have been mailed and before deposits are due, for families who would like to visit the school again before making a final decision. These events feature key personnel from Thayer, including Head of School Ted Koskores ’70, P ’10 ’13, the Upper and Middle School directors, academic department heads, and our athletic director, who will all make short presentations and answer your questions.
  3. Enrollment Agreement and Deposit: Upon a candidate’s acceptance to Thayer, parents are required to sign an enrollment agreement and make a deposit to hold the applicant’s place in his or her class. Part of the enrollment deposit will be applied to the coming year’s tuition. Note that after signing the enrollment agreement and making the necessary deposit, subsequent cancellation of enrollment will result in forfeiture of the enrollment deposit or tuition, depending upon the date of cancellation.

9. Which standardized tests are required?

Before the application deadline, all applicants are required to take either the SSAT or the ISEE.

  • The SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) is required for admission to grades 9-11. Thayer's school code: 7654
  • The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is required for admission to grades 5-8. Thayer’s school code: 220425

To register or find more information about these tests, please visit www.iseetest.org and www.ssat.org.

Click here to see dates when Thayer Academy will be administering the ISEE and SSAT tests. Please note: The SSAT and ISEE are offered on additional days at other testing sites. Visit the SSAT website and the ISEE website for more information.

10. How do I apply for financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid online through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Directions for completing the form are available on the NAIS website. Please be sure to indicate that Thayer Academy should receive your information by entering Thayer's School Code: 7654.

11. Can a candidate apply to Thayer after the application deadline?

Yes. After the deadline, you can apply to our wait list. The admissions committee will review the application and if the committee feels your son or daughter is a good match for Thayer–both academically and personally–he or she will be placed on our waitlist. We will notify you if a place becomes available.

12. Does Thayer ever admit applicants from the wait list?

Yes, in a handful of cases, this can happen. During the spring and summer, places sometimes become available and we are able to admit qualified students from the wait list.

13. When are candidates notified about Thayer’s admission decisions?

We mail all of our regular-round admission decisions on March 10. Admission and financial aid decisions are mailed together on that date.

14. Can my son/daughter spend a day at Thayer?

Yes. We invite all accepted students to schedule a Tiger Visit (for Upper School students) or Tiger-for-a-Day visit (for Middle School students) after our spring recess. Visits can be scheduled from the end of March, through the month of April. Current Thayer students whose interests are similar to the applicant’s will host the visit. Visiting students can attend classes, have lunch in Cahall Dining Room, and stay for after-school programs.

15. How competitive is Thayer’s pool of applicants?

In the last few years, admission to Thayer has become increasingly competitive. Last year, we accepted 200 students from about 600 applications–or about 1 in 3. Our goal is to enroll hardworking students who will take full advantage of all the opportunities offered in the Thayer community, so we look for students who

  • Earn honor roll grades (As and Bs) in a strong academic program
  • Post above average scores on the ISEE and SSAT (60% and above on independent norms)
  • Actively participate in arts, sports, and/or community service
  • Show evidence of strong character

16. What colleges and universities have graduating seniors matriculated to in the past?

With three full-time college counselors, Thayer Academy’s college counseling office serves as a vital resource for students and families as they navigate the college selection and application process, and find the college or university that is the best fit for them. Our matriculation list for the past five years of graduates can be found here.

17. What is Thayer's anti-discrimination policy?

Thayer Academy is proud of its diverse educational community. Thayer Academy does not discriminate with respect to educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin or ancestry, family structure, sexual orientation, or disability, or any other category protected under state or federal law. All students are entitled to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally afforded or made available to students at Thayer. The Academy complies with and adheres to all state and federal anti-discrimination laws with respect to its educational policies, admission policies, financial assistance programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

How competitive is admission to Thayer?

In the last few years, admission to Thayer has become increasingly competitive, and is even more competitive in the later grades at the Upper School.