Understanding of scientific principles and an ability to critically analyze data trends are essential skills for every person. We have designed an organized sequence of experiences to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the physical world of which they are a part.

Students take Integrated Science their first two years. Here they learn scientific concepts and relationships through themed-based units designed to incorporate the essential ideas from biology, chemistry, and physics. Themes like, “Patterns and Change”, “Cancer and the Cell”, “Global Climate Change”, and “Marine Systems” make the science relevant and personal for the student.

Junior and senior years students are now able to better define their own course of study in science. They can choose from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses. There are also Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics for students with a strong interest and ability in science. Other electives are offered in interdisciplinary areas matching students’ interests. There are also opportunities for students to do independent science research. While all students are required to take three years of science, most take all four years.

Elective Courses: Grades 10-12

Elective Courses: Grades 11-12