Three years of mathematics are required for graduation. Students who have successfully completed Algebra I in the eighth grade complete PreCalculus in the junior year and then are eligible for the study of Calculus during their senior year. Students who take Pre-Algebra in the eighth grade will complete two years of Algebra and one year of Geometry by the end of the junior year. The department offers courses at different levels of difficulty, including Advanced Placement, so that each student receives a course of study suited to his or her background, interest, and ability. There are significant differences in the presentation, pace, content, and amount of independent work required in the different levels of each course. Therefore, it is important that students (with the advice and recommendation of the Math Department) carefully select the proper level of each course. The use of technology, especially the graphing calculator, will be integrated into the curriculum throughout the four-year program, especially in the PreCalculus and Calculus courses.

Required Courses

Elective Courses