Global Scholars Program

Thayer Academy's Global Scholars Capstone Program promotes greater awareness of and engagement in global issues by combining interdisciplinary academic learning with application to real-world experiences. The program provides the context for active global citizenship, including participation in a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities that will demand initiative and responsibility. Global Scholars come with the spirit of inquiry and a desire to flourish as they deepen their commitment to "contribute to the common good." Global Scholars weave global citizenship more prominently into
the fabric of this vibrant Thayer community and beyond the campus.

Students who successfully complete all of the program requirements are recognized as Thayer Academy Global Scholars at graduation.

Thayer Academy students were never meant to know only one place no matter how cozy and pleasant the campus may be. From the beginning, they were encouraged to reach out, led to step out, make contact with foreign places and gain the understanding to make themselves better people and the world a better place.

Excerpted from The History of Travel at Thayer by Larry Carlson, History Teacher and Archivist


Our first student participants in the Global Scholars program were tasked with profiling Thayer Academy graduates who live and work abroad, and asking them what it means to be a global citizen.