World Languages

Students must take three years of the same world language and complete level III in order to meet the World Languages graduation requirement. Students are placed in a course according to interest, ability, preparation, and prior language background. It is expected that all students enrolled in AP language courses register for the Advanced Placement examination.

The World Languages Department offers Latin, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. In Latin, classes prepare students to read and translate classic works, explore the verbal and rhetorical connection to English, and appreciate the history and culture of the ancient world. In French, Spanish, and Chinese, the goals range from students being able to have basic conversations to being able to read and discuss major works in the target language. Reading, writing, and conversational skills are all emphasized and developed throughout the course of study.

The department also strongly urges students to travel to a country where the target language is spoken, or to somehow use the language outside the classroom in order to broaden their experience and ability in the language. To that end, the department organizes trips to China, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Peru, and Spain.





Elective Courses

Prerequisite: second year of any language