In an era of instant communication, we help students read critically, listen actively, speak confidently, and write fluently. We believe in language’s power to effect real change, and we encourage students to take words — their own and others’ — seriously.

Through reading and analyzing literature, students ponder the human condition and examine their place in the vast history of storytelling. Through guided instruction, consistent practice, and thoughtful revision, they hone their writing skills. Additionally, students engage in research and public speaking at every grade level.

We apply a 360-degree approach to English education by providing learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. Students engage with published writers through our Bailey-King Author series, visit the Benelli Writing Center to workshop assignments, and serve as staff members or contributors to our award-winning student publication, Voice (see sidebar).

Honors sections (English I - Honors, II - Honors, Senior Seminar Honors) are offered to freshmen, sophomores, and first-semester seniors with outstanding verbal abilities as evidenced by past performance and standardized test scores. Advanced placement sections — AP: Literature & Composition and AP: Language & Composition — are offered in the junior year to qualified students. A number of the senior courses meet the requirements for the Global Scholars Program.

Public Speaking Offerings

Grade 9: Oedipus Rex recitation and sTAnd speeches
Grade 10: Macbeth recitations and Talking Pictures speeches
Grade 11: TED talks and Moth-style story slams
Grade 12: Words That Changed the World Competition

Grades 9 and 10

Grade 11

Grade 12: First Semester

Grade 12: Second Semester

These electives are offered to seniors in their spring semester and are subject to change based on availability and interest.

Words that Changed the World

A podcast for Upper School English Workshop, produced by Mr. Doyle and Ms. Archabal. Listen to 'Shop Talk here on Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts.

Thayer's Award-Winning Student Magazine

Voice has taken home the New England Scholastic Press Association's Highest Achievement in Journalism (Class III Magazine) award several times in recent years. In addition, the magazine consistently earns multiple individual achievement awards in categories ranging from individual photography and artwork to long-form fiction and opinion-editorial. 

Voice covers from previous years.