Computer Science

The computer science courses at Thayer focus on the study of computer programming and the theory and algorithmic approaches that form the core of programming. Three full-year computer programming classes are offered. 

The Computer Science & Robotics Wing of the Glover building, which houses the Hanflig Computer Science Center, opened in Fall 2019.


With 15 PCs centered around an inviting round table, the Glover Computer Science Lab is a special space for the student programmers and kids... While “The Lab” has taught me how to code, I value the personal growth and the friendships gained far more than the coding ability.  - Brian Cui '19

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Thayer's CS Alumni

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See the binary calculator built by Thayer's CS faculty and students.

"I had never heard of computer science before and now I'm going to be majoring in it." - Drew Kelner '18, majoring in Computer Science at Harvard University

"We have a great program and it’s been nice looking at colleges knowing that we’re prepared for a freshman programming course." - Kristen Mashikian '17, majoring in Computer Science at Brown University