Upper School

Highley Thompson, Upper School Director
Highley Thompson
Upper School Director

In the Upper School, we inspire our students to pursue excellence in a number of areas: character, academics, arts, and athletics. We offer a wide variety of courses and activities in an environment where teachers, coaches, advisors, and staff members hold themselves to high standards and where every student can rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good.

Students learn in a challenging academic environment, and there are honors and AP courses in most disciplines. All of our courses demand that students develop skills in creative problem solving, critical analysis, and independent thinking. These are the skills that enable our students to succeed in college and in life. Take a look at our course offerings and you will find a wide variety of interesting courses in every department.

Our affirming, collaborative community is one in which responsibility, integrity, and mutual respect are held in the highest regard. Our Honor Code aims to develop and maintain a safe, trusting, and friendly place for students to learn and to grow as young people and as Thayer Academy community members. Our advising system allows us to keep a close and supportive eye on our students, as they grow more and more independent throughout high school.

Thayer students participate in dozens of activities each year – physical education and sports, arts and music, clubs, and community service – that develop and nourish interests outside of their academic classes. All students have the opportunity to find something that interests them and allows them to develop passions outside of the classroom.

Program Overview

Tapping the potential of each student's intellect requires personalized instruction by teachers who welcome the opportunity to work with students as individuals. Thayer teachers encourage students to seek and find intellectual horizons beyond their own personal expectations.

The following pages provide insight into the student/teacher collaboration and they show how this effort is supported by the student advising program, a varied curriculum, vast library resources, and the latest technology.

Many courses are offered at various levels including, AP, honors, competitive college preparatory and fundamentals. Students are scheduled in courses that best suit their background and ability, and it is not unusual for students to have an academic schedule that includes courses from different levels.

Course Information

For the full list of graduation requirements, please refer to the Thayer Academy Student Handbook.