Pulsifer College Counseling Center

From the moment a student steps on the Upper School campus at Thayer, the challenging process of college matriculation begins. One hundred percent of our graduates attend a four-year college or university, but more important than percentages is the fit that the Academy strives to achieve for each individual student. With three full-time college counselors (who also teach classes in the Upper School), the Pulsifer College Counseling Center serves as a vital, personal, and individually tailored resource for students and families.

Thayer offers a comprehensive College Counseling Program with personalized attention for each student. Our office is a complete “one-stop shop” for researching and applying to college. We believe students should take ownership of their college search as passionately as they do their studies and activities, but here at Thayer, you will do so with the full support of the College Counseling Staff. We help students identify colleges that best match their interests and ambitions. In fact, our students often seek college environments that reflect what they value in Thayer: close relationships with faculty; supportive, yet challenging academics; and active, friendly communities.

College Counseling was helpful to me during the decision-making process simply by providing an easy timeline to work with, meaning that the process felt fluid.

It wasn't rushed, and I had enough time between steps to consider my options and move forward without reservations.

Ryan Chiari '22
Yaochen (Nicole) Li, Alumus of Thayer Academy

“My college counselor helped me so much along the college counseling process. We worked together to come up with a reasonable college list that fits my personality and passions.

Whenever I had a question, whether it was about applying to a school or editing my college
application essays, my college counselor always got back to me right away.

She also encouraged me to believe in myself, which I think is the most important thing."

- Yaochen (Nicole) Li '22