College Counseling

Pulsifer College Counseling Center

From the moment a student steps on the Upper School campus at Thayer, the challenging process of college matriculation begins. One hundred percent of our graduates attend a four-year college or university, but more important than percentages is the fit that the Academy strives to achieve for each individual student. With three full-time college counselors (who also teach classes in the Upper School), the Pulsifer College Counseling Center serves as a vital, personal, and individually tailored resource for students and families.

Thayer offers a comprehensive College Counseling Program with personalized attention for each student. Our office is a complete “one-stop shop” for researching and applying to college. We believe students should take ownership of their college search as passionately as they do their studies and activities, but here at Thayer, you will do so with the full support of the College Counseling Staff. We help students identify colleges that best match their interests and ambitions. In fact, our students often seek college environments that reflect what they value in Thayer: close relationships with faculty; supportive, yet challenging academics; and active, friendly communities.

"The one-on-one support and invaluable guidance I received from the College Counseling office was instrumental throughout my college application process. My college counselor was always available for even the smallest questions, was encouraging while still being practical, and pushed me to the best of my abilities. I can confidently say that without the College Counseling office's organization, support, and guidance, I would not be attending my dream school next year."

Holly doyle '16, Attending Bates college in the fall of 2016

Isaac Butler, Alumnus of Thayer Academy

"I am really ambitious about things I get excited about. I traced a map of the United States and pinpointed all the schools I wanted to go to and wrote descriptions about them once I visited. College Counseling helped me in every way possible. I found myself going back at least every other week, just to pop in and talk about big and small decisions. I couldn’t have asked for a better college search experience." - Isaac Butler '16