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Academics at Thayer

At Thayer Academy, students at both the Middle and Upper School can expect to be challenged and stretched by all their teachers in the myriad art, science, math, and humanities courses we offer. With an average class size of 14, a student-faculty ratio of 6:1, and invested faculty advisors, the Academy’s classrooms are collaborative spaces, guided by teachers who care deeply for their students. This is an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to try things outside of their comfort zones, without needless anxieties and pressures to conform.

With its tailored, intentionally developed resources such as The Peter J. Benelli Writing Center, The Hale Learning Center, and The Hanflig Technology Center Thayer Academy provides opportunity, support, and enrichment for all students. There is room here for budding writers and inventors and entrepreneurs to thrive. Those interested in problem solving in an innovative, hands-on makerspace can do so in the school's new Collaborative Design Lab. Students looking to engage with and explore the larger world have ample opportunities through Thayer’s Global Scholars Program; or through exchange programs with sister schools in France, England, China, and India; or by joining others on summer trips to countries in four continents.

All told, the academic life at Thayer Academy is rich, engaging, and focused on drawing out the personal best from each individual student. The robust college counseling resources at the Pulsifer College Counseling Center also support our students and help them find the best school to fit their academic interests and goals. It is no surprise that our graduates become well-rounded, independent, intellectually curious thinkers who embrace collaboration, and who are well prepared for college and the world beyond.

Global Citizenship @ Thayer Academy

Students become citizens of the world through Thayer Academy's Global Scholars Program, which encourages greater awareness of and engagement in global issues by combining academic learning with real-world international and multicultural experiences.

Problem Solving with Robots

At the beginning of 7th grade, Thayer Middle School students spend two months building and programming robots during the Robotics unit in the science curriculum. Working in small groups, students use Lego Mindstorm Robots and EV3 programming to solve problems and complete tasks.

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Benelli Writing Center

The Benelli Writing Center

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The Hale Learning Center

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The Hanflig Technology Center