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Sustainability at Thayer Academy

As part of Thayer’s mission to contribute to the common good, we have made sustainability a priority by integrating practices and policies throughout campus life to inspire the entire community to become stewards of the environment. From the locally sourced produce and composting in the dining hall to the environmentally friendly turf playing fields, sustainability practices have become a way of life for Thayer students, faculty, and families.

TA Sustainability

What does sustainability mean at Thayer?

Sustainability is living within the earth’s regenerative capacity such that future generations can thrive; it requires that environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic viability be incorporated into individual and institutional decision-making and behavior, values, and operational practices.

Sustainability is an inherent and intentional part of the community culture at Thayer amongst students, staff, administrators, faculty, parents, alumni, and trustees. It is reflected in our actions on and off campus, woven into our mission and planning, and informs how we educate. Decisions are made through the lens of environmental integrity, fiscal responsibility, inclusivity and access, and human health. Ultimately, sustainability is ingrained in practice and behavior; because of this, Thayer will be a recognized leader. 

Sustainability Coordinator

Christian Schneider

Christian Schneider

Upper School Science Faculty