Thayer Academy's Strategic Plan for Racial Equity & Justice

Events continue to remind us that calls for equity and inclusion must be heeded if we are to reach our full potential as a nation. The same is certainly true for our school community. As we shared in our our June 25, 2020, letter, Thayer Academy is wholly committed to strengthen our school culture in ways that support each and every one of our students in accord with our own mission. We are deeply sorry for the distress and alienation many Black students have felt during their time at Thayer and know we must embrace the opportunity to be better and do better at a pivotal moment in our school’s and in our nation’s history.
To that end, we wish to share the contours of a racial justice strategy that both complements our overall diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and leads us on a path to deepen our commitment to our own mission by establishing policies and practices that directly address opportunities for growth through 
transparency, accountability, representation, school cultural expectations, and antiracism education.


The Thayer community must have clear knowledge and understanding of any plan so vitally important to the Academy’s mission.


No plan will succeed unless there is clear accountability for its implementation.


We believe that the composition of our community should be representative of the communities that surround us.

School Cultural Expectations

Thayer Academy is wholly dedicated to the elimination of implicit and explicit racist behaviors and attitudes.

Antiracism Education

Thayer Academy must consider additional ways through our curriculum, professional development, and parent involvement to provide a more comprehensive depiction of the American experience and bias.

Plan Background