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Travel Programs

Traveling to other countries embodies the mission of Thayer Academy, as it enriches the educational experience for all who participate. Along with a fresh outlook on their own education, students report a marked growth in self-confidence, an overall increase in sophistication, and a degree of language acquisition far exceeding what is possible in the classroom alone. Further value accrues to the larger Thayer community when we welcome onto our campus and into our homes students and faculty from Thayer Academy’s sister schools.

Upper School Programs

Exchange Programs

The need for true global citizenship is more important than ever. For many, the first chance to sample cultural differences comes through a student exchange program. To that end, Thayer has cultivated a rich set of sister-school exchanges, some of which grow out of our foreign language instruction. In this way, the Academy and its students develop long-term relationships with schools and students in other countries. These programs include visits to Thayer by foreign students. If you and your family are interested in hosting one of our guests from abroad, please contact Jim Pickel ( / 781.664.2217).

Wei Yu High School - Shanghai, China
  • Offered every year in May. Chinese students stay with Thayer families in the fall.
  • Faculty Contacts: Ted Koskores ( / 781.664.2210), Upper School Mandarin Chinese Teacher Emma Lee ( and Upper School Diversity Coordinator/Associate Director of Admission Jenn Welch (


This sister-school program operates as a Senior Project. Students spend several days in Beijing seeing the jewels of the capital city, including the Forbidden city, the Olympic site, a bicycle excursion along an elevated wall, and a day trip to the Great Wall of China. Then, we travel to the city of Xi’An, in Shaanxi Province, to view the clay soldier army of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. From there, the group travels to the ancient (and ultra-modern) city of Shanghai before the return trip to Boston.

Northampton School for Boys - Northampton, England
  • Offered every year in June. British students come to Thayer in October.
  • Faculty Contact: Travel Programs Coordinator Jim Pickel ( / 781.664.2217)


This program, in existence for twenty-one years, has provided many benefits to students, families, and faculty from both schools. Besides the cultural experience of the actual exchange, there have been internship exchanges for British students here at Thayer, and there is the possibility of Thayer students’ doing Senior Projects in Northampton. Numerous relationships from past years have endured, with Thayer families going to visit the families of students they had hosted several years previously.

Our trip to England this year takes place right after Commencement in June. Four days in London will introduce students to one of the major capitals of the world and will include shopping, visits to art and historical museums, Buckingham Palace, and three nights of London theatre.

Our eight days in Northampton will include visiting the Northampton School for Boys and many of the wonderful cultural sites within an hour’s drive of the town. Those visits include Oxford or Cambridge, Stratford-on-Avon, various castles, the Whipsnade Animal Park, and the late Lady Diana Spencer’s estate. Also, of course, staying with a British family is a highlight of our time in Northampton.

Lycée Stanislas - Cannes, France
  • Open to all Seniors – Offered every year as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Faculty Contacts: Upper School French Teachers Aidan Rooney ( / 781.664.2214) & Darah Harper ( / 781.664.2213)


This Senior Project trip offers an intensive immersion program of excursions, classes, and homestay aimed at providing students with an appreciation of French culture, language, and history. This extension of our French language courses begins with a nine-day homestay and sojourn in Provence and the French Riviera. The homestay takes place in Cannes during the famed Cannes Film festival and promises enrichment opportunities both personal and educational. The first leg of the trip is followed by a five-day exploration of Paris visiting many of the treasures of the City of Light and a day trip to Versailles.

Note: All participants in this program must also meet the requirements of a complementary Senior Project during the two weeks prior to traveling. Students are urged to make this part of the senior project community service-oriented.

CHIREC School - Hyderabad, India
  • Offered every year in December/January or March.
  • Faculty Contact: Travel Programs Coordinator Jim Pickel ( / 781.664.2217)


This sister-school program has been in existence for three years and provides students an experience with the world’s second most populous nation and tenth-largest economy. The CHIREC School is located in Hyderabad, India, the country’s second-leading technology center. The trip includes a homestay with Indian families and excursions to Agra, to view the Taj Mahal, and Delhi, one of the world’s great capitals.

Travel Programs with a Service Component

Peru - Cusco & Ollantaytambo
  • Open to all Seniors – Offered every May as a Senior Project opportunity
  • Faculty Contact Jake Diamond ( / 781.664.2212)


Students do extensive pre-travel research and participate in discussions to learn about Peruvian history and culture, focusing on the Incans and their legacy. Upon arrival in Cusco, we volunteer at an orphanage while living with a family and visiting Incan sites. Next we visit the town of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. We live with families and experience traditional small town life. We work in the fields, help prepare meals, play soccer with the locals and explore an original Inca town. Then we hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu.

This two-week trip is open to 12 seniors and takes place during Senior Project Month in May and early June. Should more than 12 students apply, a committee made up of the Spanish Department and the Administration will review the applications and finalize the group.

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Various Destinations
  • Offered every summer; Domestic travel programs open to eighth graders; domestic and international programs open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
  • Faculty Contacts: Mr. Dunne, Upper School Director of Studies (, or Mr. Pickel, Foreign Programs Coordinator (


In February, 2014, Thayer established an exciting new alliance with Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder (SStS), a non-profit organization promoting experiential learning, service, and global citizenship. In the summer of 2014, two Thayer students traveled with SStS, one to Bolivia and one to Cambodia, and one Thayer faculty member, Allison Garnsey, served as a trip counselor for the SStS program at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. All involved have reported tremendous excitement about these SStS offerings and profound and lasting impressions left by the experiences. In the coming years, we hope to see even greater Thayer participation in the broad array of programs offered by SStS.

As envisioned, our relationship with Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder has already demonstrated value on a number of fronts. Among other things, this program...

  • Complements Thayer's mission as we seek to inspire our students toward excellence, achievement, and contributions “to the common good”
  • Offers Thayer students access to a set of truly intriguing and unique travel experiences
  • Encourages an ethos of global citizenship that will augment our current Learning-Through-Travel efforts
  • Provides fabulous professional development opportunities for Thayer faculty members, more of whom we hope will become SStS course instructors
  • Corresponds fittingly with a prospective Global Scholars Program which we will introduce to the community in the coming months

Our membership in the Global Schools Coalition assures one spot for a Thayer student on each of the SStS trips. Those spots are held until February 15, after which student applications from non-member schools will be considered. A limited amount of financial assistance is available. To apply for aid, please email Mr. Koskores ( and share, in one paragraph, why you want to participate in this program.

The Galapagos Islands - Ecuador
  • Open to all Seniors – Offered as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Faculty Contact: Upper School Science Department Head Don Donovan ( / 781.664.2216)


This Senior Project trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands introduces students to one of the world’s most diverse and fecund ecological environments. Located in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, 600 miles west of the mainland, the islands and surrounding waters are a part of Ecuador’s Galápagos National Park. Students will also visit a cloud forest and Ecuador’s capital city, Quito.

The Dominican Republic


This service and learning project includes four days of community service work in Puerto Plata, visits to cultural sites in the area, time at the beach, and a baseball game with Dominican students. Students perfect their Spanish in interactions with the children and through the experience of daily living with Dominican families.

Study Abroad Programs

Artists in Residence - Cortona, Italy
  • Offered every other year in June (next: June 2017)
  • Faculty Contact: Upper School Painting & Drawing Teacher Karen Koskores ( / 781.664.2240)


The goals of this program are to enable student artists to study and appreciate some of the world's greatest works of art and to nurture their own talents with field and studio work under the close supervision of both Thayer Academy faculty and Italian instructors. This experience complements Thayer's painting & drawing curriculum for art students.

The Ancient World - Greece, Italy, or Rome
  • Open to all Seniors – Offered every year as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Faculty Contact Callie Schneider ( / 781.664.2233)


Seniors who have taken Latin or who have an interest in archaeology, art, history, or architecture of the ancient world are eligible for this Senior Project trip. Regardless of the destination, the trip length is approximately 12 days and takes place during the Senior Project period.

The destination will be determined by political and economic factors, as well as by the faculty member(s) leading the trip.


  • Explore modern cities and villages in Athens, Corinth, Nemea, Nauplio, Pylos, Olympia, and Delphi
  • Visit current excavations and talk with real archaeologists as they work in the field (Corinth Excavations and the Agora in Athens)
  • Stand in the shadow the Acropolis, walk in the footsteps of Plato, Pericles, and Hercules, and gaze upon some of the most remarkable works of Greek art
  • Sample Itinerary


  • Explore Rome, its immediate environs, and the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Visit the sites of gladiatorial fights in the Coliseum, the chariot races of the Circus Maximus, the Ciceronian orations in the Forum and the homage to gods and goddesses at the Pantheon.
  • Stand in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and get an unrivaled look at ancient Roman life as you stroll through the streets, homes, and public buildings of the once bustling cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum


  • Explore the cities and villages in London, Oxford, Dover, and Newcastle on Tyne.
  • Visit the acclaimed British Museum and stroll the galleries filled with works of art from all cultures of the ancient world. Admire the wonder of ancient technology at Stonehenge and the architectural feat of Hadrian’s Wall .
  • Stand on the White Cliffs of Dover and imagine how the ancient Britons felt when they saw for the first time the Roman fleet of Julius Caesar as it approached their land.

Middle School Programs

Service Learning Trip to Guatemala


The trip is led by Middle School Spanish teachers Allynn Lodge and Bill Lanagan, along with a private guide, who works for Global Leadership Adventures.

In past years, students have experienced and interacted with the artifacts, landscape, and people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, while giving back to a community in need.

La Culture Québécoise
  • Offered every other year for rising 8th- and 9th-grade students of French
  • Faculty Contact: Middle School Foreign Language Department Head Angela Toussaint ( / 781.664.2320)


Mme Toussaint invites you to explore the fascinating history and culture of Québec, one of the most “European” cities in North America.

This linguistic and cultural excursion will be chaperoned by Mme Toussaint, and her husband, Thayer sixth grade teacher Jeff Toussaint. The city of Québec is the center of French culture in Canada, and the Old City, inside the walls pictured above, is reminiscent of villages all over France. Although there is no homestay element to this program, business and everyday conversation are conducted almost exclusively in French, which gives our students a chance to hear French spoken in the daily lives of everyday Canadian citizens. This trip will provide an authentic language experience for our middle school French students.

Sample Itinerary

For More Information

To learn more about Thayer Academy's travel programs, please contact International Studies Coordinator Jim Pickel ( / 781.664.2217).

"I’m an adventurous person and I love to travel, and Thayer’s had a big part in that. When I graduate, I will have gone on three trips through Thayer: the Dominican Republic, Spain, and China." - Regan O'Donnell '16

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