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Thayer Academy Senior Project

The Senior Project provides seniors with an opportunity to design and take charge of a significant step in their own educational experience. Thayer challenges seniors to accept and responsibly utilize this freedom to explore their ideas in depth; or to identify a societal problem toward which they might make an individual and creative contribution; and to create a bridge between the classroom and the world outside, putting some of what they've learned at Thayer into more practical and active use. Ideally the project results in field placements that offer opportunities for mutual benefit – that is, placements in which seniors can be of real service and make active contributions to their host setting while at the same time receiving valuable exposure, instruction, and opportunity for their own enrichment.

The Senior Project gives students opportunities to investigate potential careers, to do research in a special area of interest, and perhaps most importantly, to render a service to the community. In the past, our seniors have volunteered in businesses, law firms, courthouses, hospitals, schools, day care centers, libraries, community centers, the State House, local newspapers, nursing homes, nature centers, animal shelters, veterinary practices, museums, and homeless shelters. In addition, there are several opportunities for students to travel abroad. Past Senior Project trips have included Switzerland, France, Italy, and Costa Rica. Students have built homes for Habitat for Humanity as well as volunteered in orphanages in Peru and tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka.


Senior Project Overview

Play this slideshow to get a sense of what seniors have done in previous years for their senior projects.

Kindly direct your questions to:
Denise King, Senior Project Coordinator
Thayer Academy
745 Washington St.
Braintree, MA 02184
(781) 664-2316
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