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Recent Thayer Grads Participating in College Sports

A special note of congratulations goes out to the Class of 2015 and best of luck to the following college-bound athletes!

Tigers in the NCAA • Class of 2015




Jordan Allen

Fordham University


Ivy Arlia

Northwestern University


Joseph DiVico

St Joseph’s College


Matt Egan

IMG Academy


James Ferrera

Northeastern University

Track & Field

Gillian Freter

Endicott College


Lincoln Griffin

Northeastern University


Connor Hayden

Denison University


DeVon King



Sam Murphy

Fairfield University


Grantland Nichols

Denison University


Carlyn Nolen

Bucknell University


Margaret Nolen

Bucknell University


Jennifer Parent

Northeastern University

Field Hockey

Ryan Pfeffer

Trinity College

Hockey & Lacrosse

Jake Ratti

Bryant University


Sam Rice

University of Tennessee


Andrew Ward

Colby College


The lists below shows colleges where Thayer graduates have competed from 2002 to the present.


Chris Gooding ’02 ,St. Anselm College

Thomas O'Konski ’02, Eckerd College

Jim Pierce ’03, Thomas College

Matt Stolper ’02, Roanoke College

Donovan Driscoll ’02, Bates College

Brendan Daly ’04, Trinity College

Patrick Driscoll ’04, Bowdoin College

Patrick Mathews ’04, Brandeis University

Rob O'Leary ’01, Trinity College

Corey Pontes ’06, Tufts University

Greg Malley ’06, Harvard

John Lerner ’07, Colby College

Ryan Murphy ’07, Trinity University / Texas

Rich McHugh ’08, Stonehill College

Anthony Melchionda ’08, Boston College

Harrison Slutsky ’08, Columbia University

Ryan Urso ’08, Sacred Heart University

William Collins ’09, Tufts University

Brian Cotrone ’09, Trinity College

Kyle McKenzie ’09, Tulane University

Nate Sugarbaker ’09, Colby College

Justin Mathieu ’10, Suffolk University

Matt Lerner '11, Lafayette College

Samuel Falkson '12, Bates College

Joe Ferrera '12, Tufts University

Justin Lloyd '12, Union College

Pat Carroll '13, Babson College

Zach Lacey '13, Salve Regina University

Chris Giarrusso '14, John Hopkins University

NIck Falkson '14, Brandeis University

Nolan Murray '14, Brandeis University

Ryan Murray '14, Stonehill College

Basketball – Men

Mike Jones ’03, University of Maryland

Tryece Gibbs ’05, University of New Hampshire

Brandon Odom ’04, University of New Hampshire

Jamaal Dixon ’03, University of Radford

Antoine Sylvia ’03, New England College

Napoleon Lherisson ’06, Brandeis University

Jimmy Sherwood ’05, Duquesne University

Brian Hurley '12, Emerson College

Thomas Logue '12, St. Michael's College

CJ Burke '13, Dickinson College

Conor O'Brien '14, Roger Williams University

Basketball – Women

Joeanna King Silvey ’04, Mount Holyoke College
Alyson Talbot ’05, Worcester Polytech
Taylor Windwer ’10, Salve Regina University
Lexi Windwer '13, Springfield College


Adam Branfman ’02, Skidmore College

Jordan Kelley ’07, Gordon College

Rob Costello ’10, Hobart William Smith College

Greg Kraft '11, Princeton University

Mike Clougher '11, Connecticut College

Rachel Liss '12, Merrimack College

Madeline Shields '12, University of Michigan

Emma Taylor '12, Bates College

Elizabeth Waltman '14, Boston College

Isabella Pizzi '14, University of Alabama

Ryan Cyr '14, Holy Cross

Cross-Country – Men

Shane Murray ’05, Salve Regina University
Paul Freitas ’08, Worcester Polytech
Tom Finneran ’09, Wake Forest University
Chippy Kennedy '12, Case Western Reserve University

Cross-Country – Women

Liz Lawton ’07, University of Chicago
Meghan Flaherty ’09, Colby College
Lizzy Johnson '13 Gettysburg College


Steven Liss ’06, Princeton University

Field Hockey

Elizabeth Berry ’03, University of Vermont
Emily Colton ’03, University of New Hampshire
Allison Early ’02, Boston College
Michalagh Stoddard ’04, Providence College
Megan Sullivan ’09, St. Anselm College
Molly Caffrey ’09, Fairfield University
Hannah Mulvey ’10, Boston College
Kayla Florence ’10, Babson College
Caroline Casper ’10, St. Michael’s College
Kerrin Poole ’10, Vassar College
Allie Morey '11, Franklin & MarshallAnna Kenyon '12, Middlebury College
Emily Matthews '12, Providence College
Katherine McManus '12, University of Notre Dame
Kimberly Sportack '12, University of Richmond
Kelcie Poole '13, Bentley University


Tim Colton '04, Bowdoin College

Ben Shulman ’05, Bowdoin College

Dave Marr ’05, Bates College

Shane Sabine ’03, Brown University

Conor Hughes ’04, Springfield College

Sam Sirrico ’03, Mass. Maritime College

Judson Smith ’06, Bates College

Matt Gregg ’06, Bates College

Peter Sugarbaker ’06, Wesleyan University

Dave Carson ’06, Union College

Nathan Richman '07, Boston College

Dan Pozner '07, Amherst College

Matt Evans, '08, University of New Hampshire

Alex Shulman '08, Dartmouth College

Ian Vieira '08 , Bowdoin College

Evan Murray '08, Tufts University

Miniard Culpepper, Jr. '08, Catholic University

Ryan Urso ’08, Sacred Heart University

Michael Coppinger '09, Rensselaer Polytech

Dan Kent '09, St. Lawrence University

Andrell Hardaway ’09, Sacred Heart University

Thomas Healey ’10, Carnegie Mellon University

Paul Monahan ’10, Worcester Polytech

David Prendergast '11, Bowdoin College

Luke Ferrari '11, Dickinson College

Paul Nwokeji '11, University of Connecticut

Yannis Barros '12, Pace University

James Becker '12, Bentley University

Shane Donovan '12, Wesleyan University

Brendan Lawler '12, Bowdoin College

Jared Bacon '13, Catholic University

Theo Egan '13, Gettysburg College

Aaron Gilmer '13, Bryant University

Archie Jerome '13, Trinity College

Ikenna Nwokeji '13, Elon College

Brian Shoyer '13, RPI

Mitchell Welch '13, Gettysburg College

John Becker '14, Catholic University

Brenden Ford '14, Stonehill College

Golf – Men & Women

Kerry Whalen '00, Boston College
Jessica Doyle '00, Fairfield University
Amy Lussier '04, Holy Cross
Krista Duval '05, Fairfield University
Tyler Ferrari ’06, Rollins College
Steve Burak ’10, Temple University
Michael Burgess '11, Emmanuel College
Jack Bandera '11, Trinity College
William Curley '12, St. Anselm College
Jeffery Durkin '12, Trinity College

Hockey (Ice Hockey) – Men

Anthony Aiello ’05, Boston College

Pierce Norton ’05, Providence College

Jimmy Russo ’04, Northeastern University

Joe Fernald ’03, St. Anselm College

Steve Keady ’05, Skidmore College

Andrew Orpik ’05, Boston College

Ryan Feldhoff ’04, Connecticut College

Danny Beauregard ’05, Connecticut College

Matt Harrington ’05, Babson College

Kevin Colwell ’03, Williams College

Greg Goldman ’03, Wesleyan University

Greg Collins ’05, Providence College

Joe Rosano ’06, Tufts University

Ma Frechette ’06, St. Anselm College

Ryan Joyce ’05, Connecticut College

Ryan Driscoll ’06, Holy Cross College

Mike Metivier ’07, St. Michael’s College

John Hennessey ’07, St. Anselm College

Justin Harnett ’07, Trinity College

Paul Golden ’07, Providence College

Mike Baran ’07, Amherst College

Nick Wiggins ’07, Hamilton College

Matt Doherty ’08, Stonehill College

Chris Tasiopolis '11, Stonehill College

Samuel Valentine '12, Salve Regina University

John Matthews '12, Wesleyan University

Neil Conway '14, Hamilton College

Christian Leahy '14, Skidmore College

Ryan Peterson '14, St. Anselm College

Hockey (Ice Hockey) – Women

Ali Schmidt ’04, Trinity College

Janine Darling ’03, St. Anselm College

Abby Smith ’04, Middlebury College

Kerri Aylward ’06, St. Anselm College

Kristin Aiello ’08, Salve Regina University

Sarah Delaney ’09, Sacred Heart University

Caroline Casper ’10, St. Michael’s College

Melissa Piacentini '12, Syracuse University

Kellie McLean '12, New England College

Jackie Seymour '14, Colby College

Kathleen Fowkes '14, Hobart & William Smith

Julianne Landry '14, Brown University

Chaislyn Burgio '14, Merrimack College

Lacrosse – Men

Jim Nissi ’03, Kenyon College

Ryan McPherson ’04, Hofstra University

Russ Chase ’02, Connecticut College

Brendan Rampi ’02, Connecticut College

Colin Whitney ’03, Connecticut College

Mike Rockoff ’03, University of Vermont

Greg Hanson ’03, Elmira College

Eric Luoma ’02, Hamilton College

Dan Sullivan ’03, Norwich University

Packie Devine ’06, Tufts University

John MacVarish ’04, College of Wooster / Ohio

Dan MacVarish ’06, College of Wooster / Ohio

Taylor Robarts ’06, Merrimack College

Jeff MacCune ’08, Babson College

Brian Magner ’08, Babson College

Peter Oswald ’08, University of Vermont

Colin Benelli ’09, Providence College

Mike Carter ’10, Bentley College

Tim Cobb ’10, Bentley College

Joe Herbert ’10, Bentley College

Bob MacCune ’10, Babson College

Jay Lenaghan '11, Quinnipiac University

Chad Goldfarb '11, Sewanee University

Derek Youngman '11, Colby College

Charlie Finnegan '11, Trinity College

Luke Ernst '11, Lynchburg College

Timothy Giarrusso '12, Middlebury College

Patrick Finn '12, RPI

Quincy Nichols 13, Middlebury College

Brendan Shiel '13, Dickinson College

Brooks Thompson '13, Lynchburg College

Brennan Walker '13, Babson College

Shane Rinkus '14, UMass/Amherst

Tyler Blaisdell '14, Princeton University

Harry Giarrusso '14, Middlebury College

Lacrosse – Women

Kristen Barry ’04, Dartmouth College

Laura Glassanos ’02, Northwestern University

Meredith O’Brien ’01, University of Maryland

Sarah Albrecht ’01, Northwestern University

Mariana Marcellano ’07, Wheaton College

Chelsea Rader ’07, St. Anselm College

Kristen Vassalotti ’07, St. Anselm College

Nazy Kerr ’07, UMass / Amherst

Elizabeth Tillotson ’07, Cornell University

Molly McCarthy ’07, Brown University

Anna Fioto ’07, Northwestern University

Meg Daly ’08, Fairfield University

Maria Tedeschi ’08, Northwestern University

Sarah Mulvey ’08, William and Mary

Katie Keady ’08, Brown University

Isabel Baylor ’08, College of Wooster

Kelsey Johnson ’09, Dartmouth College

Ellie Clayton ’09, Dartmouth College

Megan Sullivan ’09, St. Anselm College

Emily Hines ’09, Connecticut College

Cameron Flaherty ’09, Connecticut College

Danielle O’Dwyer ’09, University of Vermont

Danielle DeMarco ’09, Middlebury College

Lindsay Allard ’10, Dartmouth College

Mallory Collins ’10, Boston University

Rebecca McGovern ’10, Williams College

Marissa Daly '11, St. Anselm College

Bryn Boucher '12, University of Maryland

Allison Hoffman '12, Columbia University

McKenzie Hunt '12, University of Pennsylvania

Cassandra Mahar '12, University of Rochester

Christine Gill '13, Babson College

Caroline Fitzpatrick '13, University of Michigan

Micayla Evans '13, St. Anselm College

Allison Hooley '13, Middlebury College

Callahan Kent '13, Vanderbilt University

Madeline Lewis '13, Union College

Gigi Packard '14, University of Michigan

Megan Fahey '14, Connecticut College

Shannon McGowen '14, Binghamton University

Madison Barker '14, Connecticut College

Soccer – Men

Logan King ’05, Colby College

Michael Galvin ’05, UMass / Lowell

Karl Desmond ’06, Lafayette College

Ernie McAlister ’06, Boston College

Jay Kulik ’06, Trinity College

Ryan Leonard ’06, American University

Brett Olsen ’06, Williams College

Nick Rugnetta ’07, Worcester State College

Andrew Olsen ’08, Dartmouth College

Chris Lerner ’09, Amherst College

Traylor White '11, Occidental College

Alex Issa '11, St. Francis Xavier University

Jordan Cavaco '12, Assumption College

Tristan Lombardi '12, Babson College

Jonathan Miller '12, Elmira College

Harrison Balder '13 Northeastern University

Domenic Quade '13 Trinity College

Robert Schallmo '13 Northeastern University

Chris Beaulieu '14, Mass Maritime Academy

Adam Cowie-Haskell '14, Wesleyan University

Soccer – Women

Bryanna Tokarz ’04, Connecticut College
Sara McSweeney ’02, Babson College
Kendra Demakis ’05, Holy Cross
Devin Cahill ’07, Colby College
Yasha MacDonald ’05, Columbia University
Genevieve Olson ’08, Dickinson College
Kiley Horne ’08, Merrimack College
Emily Rooney '09, St. Anselms
Mary McCalister ’10, Trinity College
Jackie Cox ’10, Connecticut College
Jess Clinton '11, Georgetown University
Danielle Sears '11, Stonehill College
Emily Lydon '11, MIT
Lindsay O'Niell '12, Farfield University


Teresa Hsiao ’03, Harvard University

Julia Ludvigsen '12, Suffolk University

Katrina Romano '12, Roanoke College

Micaela Buttner '13, Quinnipiac University

Ernin Richardson '13, Emmanuel College

Robin Spofford '13, Colby College

Bridget McGrail '14, St. Anselm College

Jess Saluti '14, Curry College


Michaela Martin ’10, Bowdoin College

Swimming & Diving - Men & Women

Chris Howard ’05, UMass / Amherst

Morgan Bowling '05 Trinity College

Megan Powers ’09, Washington U. / St. Louis

Olivia Dilorati '12, Colorado College

Juliana Melchionda '12, Clemson University

Hailee Miller '14, University of New Hampshire

Tennis – Men

Ransom Cook ’04, University of Redlands
PJ McGinnis ’04, University of Denver
Jamie Neely ’06, Bowdoin College
Will Cook ’07, St. Lawrence University
Clarke Bogle ’08, Bucknell University
Josh Cameron ’08, Florida A&M
Thomas Darling ’09, Elon University
Richard Robbie '11 Duquesne University

Tennis – Women

Amanda Fish ’03, Vanderbilt University

Brenna Driscoll ’04, Trinity College

Ashley Lake ’08, Babson College

Audrey Fitzpatrick '12, Denison University

Caroline Finnegan '14, Skidmore College

Track & Field – Men

Brian Freitas ’07, Cornell University
Paul Freitas ’08, Worcester Polytech
Marcus Dennis ’08, Wheaton College
Tom Finneran ’09, Wake Forest University
Aaron Amado '11, UMass Dartmouth
Christopher MacDonald '12, Northeastern University
Chippy Kennedy '12, Case Western Reserve University

Track & Field – Women

Sophie Browne ’04, UMass/Amherst

Erin York ’05, Bowdoin College

Chizoba Ezeigwe ’05, Wheaton College

Yasha MacDonald ’05, Columbia University

Sarah Wilfred ’03, Cornell University

Tarah O’Brien ’06, Wheaton College

Liz Lawton ’07, University of Chicago

Alexandra Jackson ’07, Boston University

Nicole Crowley ’07, Babson College

Ayana Myers ’08, University of New Hampshire

Kathleen King ’08, Emmanuel College

Megan Flaherty ’09, Colby College

Sarah Ballinger ’10, Trinity College

Caroline DeCoste ’10, Colby College

Samantha DeCoste ’10, Holy Cross

Seanne Denny ’10, Sacred Heart

Tatiana Fitzpatrick ’10, UMass/Amherst

Brittany Reardon ’10, Colby College

Monet Brathwaite '11, Northeastern University

Emily Lydon '11, MIT

Erin Carberry '12, Stonehill College

Caroline Cohrane '13, Trinity College

Erin Purcell Maillet '13, Colby College

Evelina Yakimovich '13, University of Massachusetts

Mary Goulding '14, Conneticut College

Julia Barron '14, Boston College

Isabelle Dunne '14, Occidental College

Kayla Rorke '14, UMass/Amherst


Harrison Bacon '12, New York University
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