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Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Commencing July 1, 2018. See bottom for application process.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, MBA preferred
  • 10+ years experience as a senior financial and plant operations administrator working with non-profit boards, preferably at independent schools.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience in those areas itemized in the following job description.

Essential Qualities:

  • Manifests candor, integrity, high energy, fairness and clear purpose
  • Employs effective processes in service to a long-term strategic vision
  • Exhibits a command of detail
  • Prioritizes based on school needs
  • Works productively and supportively with peers and staff
  • Communicates clearly and appropriately

Job Description:

This position reports to the Headmaster. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop, administer and report on the operating and capital budgets, to the Headmaster, the Board of Trustees and its Building & Grounds and Finance Committees
  • Build and/or maintain the school’s short- and long-term financial models to provide a basis for budgets and in support of strategic goals
  • Review and oversee (with the Controller) administration of accounting policies and procedures, and establish appropriate controls and procedures to manage school resources consistent with budget
  • Oversee the purchasing of all goods and services, the operation of student stores, the dining hall, summer programs, the driver education program, bus transportation, health services, relations with renting organizations and residential tenants, and with neighbors
  • Oversee administration of the Academy’s endowment portfolio and report to the Board’s Investment Committee; monitor application of the Investment Policy and execute investment decisions of the Committee; coordinate with consultants, investment managers and custodians
  • Manage the school’s relationships with lenders and bankers, particularly in regard to debt instruments and their governing agreements; report as required to lenders and credit rating agencies; coordinate and manage relationships with interest-rate swap counterparties
  • Oversee (with the Controller) preparations for annual audits of the Academy and its Retirement Plan and the issuance of the resulting sets of financial statements; ensure timely filing of required Federal, State and municipal tax returns, including Forms 990, 5500 and ABC
  • Provide staff support to the Board’s Audit, Buildings & Grounds, Finance and Investment Committees, and the Retirement Plan Oversight Committee
  • Oversee the management and operation of the Business Office, including accounting and record-keeping, financial reporting, cash management, bank reconciliations, fixed asset record-keeping, and accounts payable and receivable
  • Oversee (with the Controller) implementation and administration of all employment and human resource policies and procedures, as well as all employee benefit programs (including health insurance, the retirement plan, life and disability insurances and workers compensation insurance)
  • As a standing member of the Administration’s Financial Aid Committee, meet regularly during the admissions season (and as otherwise needed) to review applications for financial aid from returning families and applying candidates to be offered admission, and make decisions on specific amounts and types of financial assistance to be offered
  • Oversee (with the Director of Plant & Facilities) management of the physical assets of the Academy, including maintenance and renewal of the physical plant, planning and supervision of new construction, janitorial and custodial functions, and care and maintenance of campus landscaping
  • Ensure compliance with governmental regulations and the changing regulatory environment, by staying current on law and any statutory requirements that may affect compliance, and to be aware of legislative actions and other legal issues that may affect the Academy, and to inform the Headmaster of same
  • Manage and insure the Academy’s exposure to risk (including general and commercial liability), to maintain appropriate levels of insurance to protect the value of the Academy’s physical and financial assets and to promote the safety of personnel and students in their use of the facilities
  • Collaborating with the school’s counsel as needed, be responsible as primary signatory on behalf of the Academy for the financial and practical aspects of bids, contracts and leases
  • Collaborate with the Headmaster and other senior administrators to provide leadership in staff employee hiring, termination, compensation and management
  • In consultation with supervisors of staff employees, in accordance with budget guidelines and with the Headmaster’s approval, set the annual individual staff compensation changes normally effective September 1 st , and communicate to each staff member individually
  • Be aware of opportunities for additional school revenue, particularly through auxiliary enterprises, and oversee pricing and compensation decisions for all non-school programs
  • Represent the school in a positive and proactive way, collaborating with other school administrators, neighbors and Town officials
  • Represent the Academy at meetings of various state, regional and national associations relative to the roles of Business Officer and Director of Financial Aid
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Headmaster and, in general, support the Academy and its leadership.

In carrying out his or her duties, the Business Officer is supported by the Controller, the Business Office Associates, the Director of Plant & Facilities and the Food Service Director.


Qualified candidates are invited to submit electronically a Cover letter and Resume anytime after November 15 to Headmaster Ted Koskores (

Receipt of documents will be acknowledged in a timely manner. The Search Committee will commence interviewing selected candidates after Thanksgiving.

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